1 hr. 100
1 day 900
1 week 4,500
1 month 9,000

CAKE:site Bangkok
Address : 1119 Charoen Krung Road, Si Phraya, Bang Rak, Bangkok, Thailand 10500

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  1. Please check if there is anything wrong with the motorbike before leaving. Check tire pressure. You have to take pictures around the motorbike if you see some damages or scratches.
  2. Payment process is done before leaving.
  3. Insurance#1: In case of an accident that is your fault then you are responsible for all damages and cost. If you have an accident that’s not your fault then the other party will pay for all costs. We need a police report confirming this accident.
  4. Insurance#2: In case the motorbike is stolen and you have proof of it (like a security camera footage) then the bike will be insured. Otherwise you will be responsible for the cost of the full price of the motorbike. So be careful where you park your bike.
  5. Passport is required for rental and will be given back after the rental period and after the motorbike is checked. In case you don’t want to give your passport then it’s also possible to give a deposit. The deposit will be 5,000 baht. 
  6. If you lose the key it will cost you 500 baht.
  7. Rental is for 24 hrs. Late return will cost 100 baht/hour.
  8. Lose of helmet or big damage to the helmet will cost you 200 or 500 baht. (depends of helmet)
  9. Charger will be provided at checkout and you are responsible for any damage (if damage, full price of the charger 15,000 baht will be placed). Therefore, you have an option to swap batteries at our locations during working hours with an extra 50 baht per swap. 
  10. You are responsible to repair tires, if you have any problems with them, after 1.5 hours after leaving the rental service.
  11. It is your responsibility if you have a fine from the police for driving without a helmet/international driving license. You have to pay this fine by yourself. 
  12. By submitting this form, you agree to all terms and conditions.