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Depending on which electric motorbike you would like to test you will need the following licenses:

Kalk OR Race, Kalk INK race, Kalk OR, Kalk INK, Kalk AP

No license requirement, Off-road only

Kalk&, Kalk INK&, Ösa+

License requirement: A1 (EU) / M1 (USA), Certified for street use.

Ösa lite

License requirement: AM or B (EU) / Car or M2 depending on State (USA)

Yes, the test ride is for free.

If you have a helmet we would recommend that you bring it. You will always be able to borrow a helmet from our demo fleet. In case you know your helmet size you can leave a comment for us in the sign-up form to plan the test. During COVID-19, we’re following all health recommendations.

We usually have 30minutes time slots for testing per bike. In case we are not fully booked you can also test longer.

You will need your ID. A driver’s license (car or/and motorcycle) will be required depending on which motorcycle you would like to test.

In case you have registered on Eventbrite for a test ride please bring the booking confirmation to ensure a smooth check-in.

Yes, you can book a timeslot as soon as the dates and places for the test are confirmed. We will get back to you.

This depends on the test ride location and which motorbikes we are testing. From time to time we are holding our test rides on private property when testing our off-road bikes. Most of the time we will be testing all our street-legal electric motorbikes on the streets. Therefore you need a driver’s license and possibly a motorcycle license, as well. You will get all the information from us in advance.
You are responsible for your personal insurance. The test bike is fully covered by our insurance. In order to participate in the test ride, you will have to sign our waiver before the ride.
For sure you can book a ride together with a friend, provided that the desired motorcycles are available at the desired time.
In case you would like to test different models you can also book two rides. We would kindly ask you not to book the same bike several times a day because the test schedule is usually fully booked.

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