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Side stand kit for Ösa.

If you replace a central stand with a side stand you also need a side stand bracket, find it here.

This kit includes:
1 sidestand & magnet
2 pcs nut nylock LM6M A4 M8
2 pcs screw MC6S M8x35 DIN912 A4
1 bushing side stand V2
1 reinforcement plate stand
1 spring 7627 Dt=2 De=15 L0=70
1 spring 9833 Dt=1.4 De=10 L0=68.9
1 spring pin
1 sidestand bracket V2
1 pc screw MRT M8x35
1 pc screw MRT M8x20

Please note: This kit is only compatible for Ösa bikes with VIN numbers over YW2C2M105LT000147. Find the VIN number in your CAKE connect app or use our guide to find it on your bike. Our service center are here to help if you have any questions, find them here.

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