Front carrier :work

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Complete front carrier kit for the Ösa :work. Features a universal interface for you to decide your preferred storage solution. That said, you can choose baskets or other accessories according to your specific preferences.

Dimensions: 530 mm x 530 mm / 20.86 x 20.86
Recommended max load 15kg

Find the Front carrier :work manual here.

This kit includes:
1 front carrier :work
2 pcs elbow :work
1 front bracket :work
2 pcs clamp
2 pcs :work sticker
1 pc headlight
1 pc silicone front
1 pc bracket headlight
1 pc clamp headlight
2 pcs turnsignal
1 pc headlight extension cable
1 pc headlight cable
1 pc end plug carrier
1 fastener kit

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